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Frequently Asked questions

How do I get and invite?
Ask somebody who is already part of youtiki to invite you to their group.

Is everything I post on YouTiki public?
At the moment, all topics, comments and replies are public as are group memberships. Upvotes are public as well. Downvotes are not public. Emails will never be public.

Why can't I post on any topic?
See Help for explanation of how group chains and subscription works. Generally you need to join a group that is part of the chain on trust and if you are not the first 300 users you also need to have a subscription.

I created a topic, do I own it?
Nobody owns a topic.

How do i invite people?
In order to invite people, you need to create a group in me->my groups. After the group is created, go to me->my groups->manage group and invite people by email. You start with 149 invites, the number of free spots in your group. As people join your group the number of invites goes down.

What if i have suggestions / bug fixes / want to have a discussion about youtiki or figure out which group i can join?
Post on one of the public pages:
What are the rules of posting on YouTiki?
Youtiki's innovative collaborative filtering through the upvotes and downvotes means that you can rely on it to filter out bad content. As such, there are not as many rules about what one needs to post. Self-promotion of your own projects is ok and is encouraged, as long as it doesn't cross over into spam. You don't need to write in an objective voice. The general guideline is to be respectful and create an atmospehere of friendly discussion as suppossed to "dunking" on other opinions. That said, adult content or illegal content is disallowed. You can use downvotes if you disagree with the opinion

Does YouTiki moderate content?
YouTiki the Company does not wish to engage in the business of moderation. Rather you join a small group (max 150 people) where you know the admin. The admin has the ability to remove your comments on any topic. This strikes a balance between the extremes of unmoderated content and overly heavily moderated content.

How does YouTiki prevent bad content?
YouTiki doesn't allow signups by anyone. People need to be vetted by an existing user. Subscription help prevents bots from taking over the site. Your upvotes and downvotes that feed into TrustRank, YouTiki's collaborative filtering algorithm is the next line of defence against bad content. Over time trustworthy people and groups are recognized by the community and are able to further upvote and recognize good content. Finally the creator and admin of groups can remove content of people in their groups.

What is global power?
Global power that you can see on your own profile. is one of the components of TrustRank and is the main component that goes into "Global rank." Global ranking view is the same for everyone. Global power fluctuates as one expects. The more upvotes one receives, the more global power one has, the more upvotes other people receive, the less global power one has. However there are other components of "Default (personalized)" ranking.