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How Youtiki works

Topics and Comments

Information is organized by topics, subtopics and comments.
A topic is a top-level way to organize information.
Anyone can create a topic and it's not owned by anyone.
A topic can have any number of comments. Each comment can be responded to.
You can see the parents of any comments (the topic, subtopics and comments above it) at the top left of the topic
Here is what that looks like:


At the core of YouTiki social structure are groups. Groups here are a big deal.
The idea of a groups on YouTiki is more than just a collection of shared interests. Whether you are part of a group or you lead one, it's meant to represent your Primary Tribe, one that shares responsibility for creating great content.
You can be associated with a maximum of 2 groups. You can be a part of 1 group and you can create your own group, where you are the admin. Admins can approve requests to join, and kick people out of groups. Groups can be a maximum of 150 people.

Chain of Trust

In order to vet all the posters on YouTiki, each person needs to be invited by a trusted person into their groups. Once the person has joined and created their own group, they become a trusted person and can invite others as well. The number of invites you have is the number of spots left in your group (starting at 149).
This way, groups form a Chain of Trust, pictured below:
The top level group is G1.
You can see if you are part of the approved chain of trust by going to either My Account or My Groups You can also see the chain as part of Explore Groups
As of this moment, the only people allowed to post comments on most topics.

Public Topics

There are some topics where anyone is allowed to post regardless of whether or not they are part of the chain of trust.

They are below:
Subscriber Chat
Help with YouTiki
Joining Groups
Bug Reports
Feature Requests

Subscription and payment
Youtiki is funded by a monthly subscription powered by stripe. To encoruage early sign ups, the first few users have either reduced or free subscription according to the following schedule:
first 300 - Free (you need to join a group that is a part of the chain of trust) <<-- current tier

300-600 1$ a month

600-900 2$ a month

900-1200 3$ a month

1200-1500 4$ a month

all other users are $5 a month (subject to potential yearly increase)

What does subscription and joining the chain of trust group allow me to do?
See table below:
What is allowed? No Subscription / not part of the chain of trust Subscription only Both Subscription and part of the chain of trust
Join and Create Groups Yes Yes Yes
Delete / edit your own comments Yes Yes Yes
Post on public topics No Yes Yes
Post on any topic No No Yes
Moderate Comments within your group No No Yes

Filtering and Ranking

Every topic can be filtered by either of the groups you are associated with or with no filter at all.
Every topic has several ranking options.
a) Most Recent
Most Recent is simply all comments sorted by time with most recent on top.
b) Most upvotes
This is simply the comments sorted by the number of upvotes.
c) Global ranking
Global ranking of a comment is based on adding up the global power of everyone who upvoted it. This ranking is the same for everyone.
d) Default Ranking
Default ranking is personalized to you, bringing up comments from people you have upvoted as well as what from people they have upvoted. Notably, the default ranking has very limited time component, which is different from other "social media" and is rather focused on the Best Result (for you), rather than the most recent.

Contact email: contact AT youtiki DOT com