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Broscience is a new branch of knowledge that came out of buff dudes giving each other advice on how to gain muscle through exercise (lifting primarily) and nutrition. As of now, the term has expanded and can also refer to evolutionary-based health ideas, such as Paleo Diet , important insights from physical therapy regarding posture or orthodontics regarding sleep apnea or jaw-maxxing as well as some supplementary to lifting activities such as red light therapy or cold showers, sometimes referred to as "bromeopathy." Originally the term had a negative connotation of not being very associated with "studies" based science. However, after the journalistic response to COVID flip floped its "expert-based proclamations" too many times, broscience and bromeopathy have become more positive terms. Expert worship isn't really science either, since it's not based on providing simple and usable models. Bro-science has the potential to become the default scientific way of knowledge if it reconcile it's intuitive and N=1 understanding with more generalizable theoretical models.


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