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I have struggled with very serious migraines since the age of 10.


Originally, my strategy to deal with them was a better diet. Eliminating sugar, wheat and alcohol seemed to have had the most improvement, however even after moving the full paleo diet the headaches have not fully disappeared.


My second strategy was combating over-heating. My theory was that having “inflammation" for any reason, then any amount of extra heat might make the situation worse. Some very basic anti-overheating techniques helped me with reducing headaches. They were: a slightly cold shower, a glass of cold water, walking around in cold air.


However, despite all that, the headaches didn’t disappear until I tried the final strategy: Neuro-Cranial Restructuring (NCR) http://drdeanhowell.com/. NCR's stance on posture has a lot of similarity with Postural Restoration Institute, except they look at asymmetry originating in the skull rather than in the diaphragm. By slightly adjusting bones in the head, they move the head to be more symmetrical which reduces the muscle activity required to hold it up. NCR involves a body-work component similar to massage and an adjustment component of the skull bones using a nose balloon (yes, really!). The interesting thing about NCR is how amazing you feel immediately afterwards. Very few therapies can compare in the before and after subjective feeling. NCR is similar to chiropractors in some ways; however, I am more likely to recommend it because it works on parts of the body that are really hard to correct with other methods. After 5 NCR sessions, my life-long headache are gone.

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