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Jaw Interventions to Avoid


There are some medical jaw interventions which are likely counterproductive and can make one's jaw smaller either deliberatly or as a side effect.

Removing teeth

Generally removing wisdom teeth or any teeth extractions for orthodontic reasons is a bad idea. Almost always Teeth are generally improving the overall jaw strength and size.


Agga appliancesĀ 

Agga appliance category is under a lot of scrutiny for bad outcomes. They areĀ are currently facing at least one lawsuit.Ā and maybe more is coming.


Headgear orthodnics has multiple different types and depending on the type it ranges in itā€™s potential issues. Pull headgear is almost certainly counter-productive in that it decreases one of the jaws to "match the other."Ā ReverseĀ pull headgear, such as FaceMask could, *in theory* be more productive, however it has some risks of damaging teeth if attached improperly. It risks pullingĀ the maxilla downwards, which is the wrong angle of pull.Ā There is an almost mythical headgear called ā€œFaceMax,ā€ unfortunatelly similarly named to ā€œFaceMaskā€.Ā It supposedly pulls the maxilla up and forward instread of down and forward such asĀ FaceMask does.This would in theory be helpful if you manage to attach it to the bone correctly, such as attaching to anĀ MSEĀ and avoid tooth damage and screw drag. However, the information and case studies are so limited that this should be not be considered a proven device.Ā 

Anything that reduces the jaw

Any device that aims to "correct" things by pushing making jaws smaller and less wide is highly suspect in my view. Any orthodontist which does not worry about sleep apnea impact of their treatments is also likely suspect. Aligning teeth, while important for long term stability, should never come at the expense of the airway.Ā 


Other, such as rhinoplasty

The following articles also talks about rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and other proceduresĀ as potentially causing long-term damage to oneā€™s sleep.Ā Common Procedures that can Worsen Sleep Apnea

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