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Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) has one of the most interesting perspectives on posture. They looks at "left right asymmetry" as the core postural issue. Left right assymetry frequently takes the forms of pelvic tits, rib cage twists and shoulder twists. Together they produce a potentially large amount of tension.


Left right asymmetry can be originally caused by many things, such as using right hand too much over the left in manual or computer work. This can result in asymmetric breathing and tense breathing that uses shoulders and neck too much instead of the diaphragm. The whole set of ideas it really worth checking out. This channel is a good starting point.

There are many symptoms of whether you need PRI and are suffering from the left-asymmetry they tend to focus on. some examples:

i) you seem to have a chronic clusterfuck of tension around the left shoulder blade (or any un-even back pain for that matter)

ii) one of your shoulders is visibly different from another (higher or tilted forward differently)

iii) you sit at the computer a lot and use the mouse.

iv) after trying the most basic PRI exercise you feel amazing.

v) your neck has a lot of trouble bending or rotating sideways.

vi) you find that during mediation your body "relaxes into" a twist.

In essence, the important thing to watch out for is not "just" forward head posture or slouches, but rather "asymmetry," which can manifest as holding very tense "twists" of your body. For example, I tend to have pelvic twist to the right and a rib-cage twist to the left, which is a common anti-pattern addressed by PRI.

PRI’s recommendations of what to do about this are a form of physical therapy, where they recommend specific exercises to correct the situation. You can find the basic one’s here, but many of the other exercises are going to be slightly specialized to your case. Many of PRI's recommendations are fairly intuitive, they frequently ask you to move your body into the opposite position of your chronically stuck position and breathe deeply to improve mind body connection.

PRI’s view is that postural issues and accompanying muscle tension are affected by basically every interaction with have with the environment. Jaw tilts or open bite, for example, can wreack havoc throughout the body. Another issue that I had was bad shoes that were too narrow. I also used to rock climb, using very tight shoes. All of those cause toes to bend inwards, which creates tension in one's legs and contributes to pelvic tilts. My solution was to get better shoes and use a toe spreader from time to time.

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