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Sleep Hacks


Sleep Hacks are ways to improve your sleep, getting a full night's rest with little insomnia. None of these are likely as important as full blown sleep apnea issue, but worth trying for every % of better sleep.

a) Light blocking curtains.

b) check for mold in your house. Some amount of mold is common everywhere however large amounts can interfere with your sleep and cause serious throat inflammation. If you do find mold, depending on the amount / strength, it might be worth calling a specialist. At home solutions for it, include using a UV light, air purifier, deep cleaning carpets, air ducts and reducing moisture from the walls.

c) some people swear by mouth taping , night-time nose cavity strips and nasal spray as sleep hacks. These may indeed be good, however if they are giving you a very large benefit, it's definitely worth checking for sleep apnea and seeing you can get a more permanent solution with jaw modification.

d) shut down your electronics. Before sleep we turn off wifi and all the electricity to the bedrooms at the circuit breaker. If you have a large house, you might actually find it helpful to completely separate sleeping areas from any daily use electronics what-so-ever.

e) meditation before bed can calm you and get you to "turn off" your mind from worrying.

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