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Posture is more than just sitting up straight vs slouching. Perhaps when you hear "posture" you just straightened your back very hard now as you read this, perhaps a little too much. However, I have come to see “posture” as an extremely broad subject that combines trauma, anxiety, awareness, muscular development, bone growth and many other aspects. I suspect that postural issues are extremely endemic in the culture. “Back pain” or related fatigue / anxiety issues don’t have to be a symptom of adulthood.

My 10000 ft general view of how postural problems evolve is below:

Physical Trauma, Emotional Problems or Asymmetric Activity ->

Negative physical feeling or being stuck in the same position ->

Reaction through muscular tension ->

Chronic muscle tension ->

Improper bone growth / loss of capacity to sense one’s body


The bad news is that many people, myself included can get so tense that they lose a lot of ability to feel the problems in the first place, making it hard to believe that your problem is actually “posture.” The good news is that there are many solutions which diagnose and target basically every particular cause.



Best athlean x postural exercises:

AthleanX is popular youtube broscientist, who has a lot of exercises for postural correction. There a few themes that he has, such as thorastic rounding and pelvic tilts. He frequently recommends facepulls as well as various overhead raises and stretches.

Pelvic Tilts and Thorastic Spine

4 moves posture for thorastic spine and posterior tilt.

similar one for forward head posture:

Anterior pelvic tilt:

Shoulder focused ones:

Lat stretches

scapular winging

shoulder pain and popping

more about shoulder pain

Overall posture tests and targeted fixes


Full playlist


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